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Mage Solar

 Mage Power of Germany now in the USA with very attractive warranty and pricing

More power

Reliability is at the core of all of our solar energy systems. So is power. To that end,
MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules use mono- and polycrystalline cell technologies. They keep the energy flowing and operate with an electrical cell efficiency of up to 17.3%. And it’s important to note that our modules boast allowable tolerances of up to +5 watts. Which guarantees maximum power without compromise. In fact, nominal power is always obtained and often exceeded. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors, whose modules may actually deliver less than the wattage they claim.

More quality 

on the subject of superiority, our 10-year product warranty is also in a league of its own, and easily surpasses those required by law. And MAGE POWERTEC Plus modules go far beyond competitors´standards with the the added guarantee that they’ll produce 90 % of their nominal power for 12 years and 80 % for 30 years. That´s three full decades of reassurance. In order to certify such high quality, we insist that our products meet or exceed the most rigorous North American and international  standards. What’s more, every MAGE POWERTEC Plus module must pass stringent optical, mechanical and electrical quality controls.

More security

It’s comforting to know that MAGE POWERTEC Plus modules can handle the toughest demands with regard to stability and corrision resistance. This is due to their engineered hollow-section frame and 3,2 mm (0,13 in) special solar glass. We also use high-quality EVA foil, which is ideal for embedding solar cells, while the weatherproof foil on the back of the modules protects against humidity. As a final security measure, we place a junction box with bypass diodes on the back of the module to avoid overheating of the individual solar cells (hot-spot effect). Our extremely robust modules resist a maximum pressure of 5,400 Pa (= 113 psf).

Product Info:

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Plant City Install

UniSolar PVLs

Pictured is a system I “integrated” in Plant City, Florida.  For this roof, there is enough surface area to put down almost 6000 watts of solar panels.  Because the roof has little pitch, we were able to put modules on the East and West facing roofs with less than 10% loss in efficiency.   However, in order to keep the overall system efficient, we used two inverters, having two sets of strings with different number of modules in series.

  If you have a steel roof, with flat “pans” of at least 16 inches between the ridges, then you can put down flexible modules.  These UniSolar modules come with adhesive backing, are lightweight, and add no wind loading.

UniSolar PVL modules installed on steel roof.

West Roof
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Mounting solar panels on a boat certainly can be a challenge.  I’ve used just about every kind of hardware  commercially available, but still needed something to attach to various sizes of round tube, so I came up with this product.

They can be used to mount anything to a round tube and then function as a pivot, if two of them are in line, or to attach fixed in position if three or more are used.

I used them for the pivot on this “tabletop” mount:


Or, they can be used to rigidly mount solar when you have two tubes to mount onto, as over a bimini top, like so:


Doohickie $10   BUY NOW

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Living on 12 volts or Solar Seminar

We are available to do a presentation at your location for your boat club, community organization, green group, government organization, electrical engineers, contractors, or others.  Typical subjects are “Solar for your Home”,  “Living on 12 Volts”,  “Wind and Solar for Cruising Sailboats”, “Basic Electrical Troubleshooting”,  or others.     

For more infomation about the seminar, call us at (727) 943-0424.

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Pacer Marine Wire

About 1/2 the price of the stuff at the big box store, with all the same certifications.  We stock all the popular sizes.  Call to order.

Finely stranded (type III) tin-plated copper wire

Color coded wire and jacket

Temperature range -20C to 105C

Voltage Rating 600 Volts

Resistant to Acid, Alkalis, Abrasion, Flame, Gasloline, Oil, Ozone, Moisture, Fungus

Complies with: UL standard 1426, SAE J1128, J378, ABYC E-8.14, E-9.14, USCG 33CFR part 183, NMMA

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UniSolar 64

64 watt solar module.  THIN FILM, which means that it is not substantially effected by shading.  If you must place your solar module (panel) in a partially shaded place, this module can make more power than a higher output crystaline module.  However, it does take more than twice the area to make the same amount of power.

Plastic cover, not glass, very rugged.

No longer being manufacturered, limited quantity.

Dimensions: 53.8″ x 29.2″ x .87″
Weight: 20.2 lbs.   

$433    BUY NOW

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Fuses and Holders

Fuse Holders:

AGU Holders;  Commonly used in automotive “boom box” installations where lots of power is used, these are mass manufactured, so inexpensive.  Gold plated, with 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ glass barrel fuses from 30 to 60 amps available.  Rubber seals fit against 8 AWG wire for waterproof seal (additional layers of heatshrink on 10 AGW will allow for a seal there), with “O” ring seals on the body.  Allen head set screw holds wire.

AGU fuse holder

$7    BUY NOW (fuses $2)






ATC fuse holders; 2 – 30 amp fuses, 12 AWG wire.  Water resistant.

ATC fuse holder

$3    BUY NOW (fuses $1)

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Kyocera Solar Panels

d.Blue Module
Kyocera has perfected its new surface treatment technology and is using it on its entire line of modules named d.Blue, for its dark blue color.

The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output. The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 16 %, one of the highest conversion efficiencies in the polycrystalline module industry.

d.Blue is ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells, combined with black module frames, allow the modules to blend in with the buildings architecture while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

The d.Blue modules are available in 205, 180, and 135-watt panels. All feature Multi-Contact™ output cables, a heavy-duty box-style anodized aluminum frame; and an industry high 20-year power output warranty

Kyocera panels tend to be wider and shorter (in the long dimension), and so can be a better fit, depending on what you have to work with.  The “T” designation indicates a junction box on the back, see strain relief fittings for a clean installation.

KC50     DATA SHEET        $275    BUY NOW

KC85T    DATA SHEET      $398     BUY NOW

KD135    DATA SHEET       $395    BUY NOW

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Special Projects

If you need power, and the electrical outlet isn’t close and a generator won’t do, we can help.  Water pumping out in the back 40 for a farm, lighting a sign without having to dig a trench to the grid, charging batteries (anywhere), these are some of the things solar can do well.  Many times, the cost of the solar installation will be nearly the same as hooking up to electricity from the grid, but for the next 40 years or so, the power is free.

Farm applications abound. 

Solar electric fence battery charging; it doesn’t take a lot of wattage to keep the battery charged.  The panel can be mounted on the fence near the battery.

Water pumping; solar power can work where wind power is not so reliable (like in Florida). 

Solar Livestock Water Pump System

The USDA has grant programs available for rural solar installations.  Most states have incentives available to cover part of the cost, and there are other federal programs as well. For more info see: DESIRE incentives listing

Other special projects we have designed include:

*  Portable device battery charging in ambulances (see the St. Petersburg Times article).

* GPS battery charging for kayak.

* Battery charging the electric hand carts on beer trucks.

* Solar powered ventilation fans for pets.

Custom made power supply

* Solar lighting for street lights at Hillsboro Community College in Ybor City.

* Electric gate opening device.

* Laptop battery charging.

* Solar sign lighting 

* Emergency power supply

Pretty much everything that can be done with electricity can be done with solar power.

Ybor City Street Light
Remote Surveillance
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Mounting Solar on your Boat

Solar power is a natural fit for many boat applications, from small to large.  A trailerable boat can use a small solar module like the Solarland 5, an aluminum frame, glass top small panel, $18. Or the Powerfilm 21 watt “rollable”, which can be tied or bungee cord attached to the mainsail

Flexible solar
Flexible solar

cover, and then stowed under a bunk or cushion, or rolled up into a cylinder for storage (see website:,6580 ). Or the lightweight , thin Aurino Bluewater 12 watt solar module that can be glued down and walked on.  Any of these will keep the battery charged, and prevent sulfation, so the next time you use the boat, the battery will be ready. Installing enough solar power to run a typical cruising sailboat is a little more challenging, but we’ve been doing this since 1998, and have a few solutions.  High and aft is best, with the least shading in that area.  Boats with davits can mount solar modules on top.  An arch is ideal, but anywhere aft of and at about the same height as the boom gets the solar modules up into “clear air”.  If you have davits, they too can be used to mount the panels high and aft.  Our Triangle Mount gets the panel(s) up to the height of the bimini (so it does not cause shading), and allows the use of a stern boarding ladder.  Also, an adjustable support arm (pictured in the foreground) can be used and the panel angle adjusted.

Hotwire's Triangle mount
Hotwire’s Triangle mount

If you will have two poles, one for radar and another for a wing generator, you could use the “Goalpost” mount.  Note the two lateral supports that triangulate the aft portion of the panel.  These could be adjustable support arms, allowing adjustment of the angle.

solar on bimini, Gemini bimini solar mounting hardware, solar hardware, solar mounting
Through Canvas Hardware

If the boom does not extend all the way over the bimini, and the bimini frame is strong, Solar panels can be mounted there, either with through canvas hardware or by placing additional one inch stainless bows above the canvas.  We have plastic backed 100 watt panels, 5 pounds and 3/16 inch thick  that are good candidates for bimini tops   Rail mount.  Put a one inch stainless tube between stanchions Deck mount.  Walk on them.  Aurinco solar panels.  Made in a number of sizes and shapes, to fit whatever space you have. Hardware.

Solar over Bimini on Frame
Solar over Bimini on Frame


Rail Mount Kit
Rail Mount Kit