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Solar Modules

Photovoltaics give you a silent, reliable, maintenance-free source of electricity to charge your batteries. You can start with a small system and easily add more modules as your needs grow.

Hotwire Enterprises offers solar products from Aurinco, Solar World, Kyocera, SolarTech, and Battery Solutions Plus. Evergreen, BP, Yingli, GE, Power Up, Iowa Thin Film, Sopray, Uni-Solar, Kaneka, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, SunWize, Sharp and other brands also are available. The solar modules most popular and useful to boaters are listed below.

The photovoltaic market is changing. We are following developments closely and will update this page as we learn about additional options opening up.

How to Select Solar Modules

How do you know which one(s) to get? The first question you should ask yourself is “Where will I mount it on my boat?” Refer to the Solar FAQ page and read #3. Look at your chosen site. How often does that area get shadowed? Choose high output technology for sites that get a lot of full sun; choose shade tolerant technology for sites that are often or always shadowed. Go back to the Solar FAQ page and read #8. Then measure the dimensions of your chosen location, and find a module that will fit within that area.

Please contact us if you need details on solar modules not shown here or need help on deciding what’s right for you.

Note; as of spring 2012 the supply and pricing is changing rapidly.  Please call for the latest information.

Shade Tolerant/Heat Tolerant
(Amorphous, Thin Film)

Model Output Size Price
FlexPower 20 1.2A 12″x73″, 1.9 lb. $349
Ennergy IP10F 0.58A 13.0″x25.0″x7/32″, 2.0 lb. $150.00
Kaneka 60 Watt 0.9A (at 67 Volts) 39.0″x 37.8″, 62 lb. $75.00**

** Pallet quantities, or pick up in Tarpon Spring only

High Output
(Monocrystal and Polycrystal)

Model Output Size Price
Sopray 5 0.3 TBD $25.00
Sopray 20 – 60 1.8 – 3.5 TBD $2/watt
Sopray 70 (POLY) 4.1 TBD (will be shorter and fatter) $149.00
Sopray 70 (MONO) 4.1 47.6″ X 21.25″ X 1.1″ $149.00
Kyocera 85 4.8A 38.4″x 25.7″x 1.4″, 21.2 lb. $398.00
Kyocera 135 7.39A 56.1″x 25.7″x 1.4″, 26.8 lb. $349.00
Aurinco 12 – 100 watts semi-flexable
Kaneka 60 open circuit voltage 67 volts 40″ X 40″ $75.00*
Kyocera 135 7.63A 59.1″x 26.3″x 1.4″, 28.7 lb. $349.00
Kyocera 140 8.2

* Pallet Quantities available


More Solar Modules

We have access to many other solar modules. Please call for pricing on Mitsubishi, BP, Sharp,  and others.

Choosing a Solar Module

Which module you choose will depend partly on your available space and its size and partly on how much and how often that space is shadowed. If you plan to put a module across your dodger where it will be shadowed by the boom, then choose one of the shade-tolerant modules. You’ll get more power from it in the long run. If you can put one (or more) above your davits (or on your arch) where it isn’t likely to be shadowed, then go with a high output technology. And we’re available to assist you with your choice.

Solar Panel FAQ

Still have questions about solar panels? See our Solar Panel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.