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Living on 12 volts or Solar Seminar

We are available to do a presentation at your location for your boat club, community organization, green group, government organization, electrical engineers, contractors, or others.  Typical subjects are “Solar for your Home”,  “Living on 12 Volts”,  “Wind and Solar for Cruising Sailboats”, “Basic Electrical Troubleshooting”,  or others.     

For more infomation about the seminar, call us at (727) 943-0424.

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Pacer Marine Wire

About 1/2 the price of the stuff at the big box store, with all the same certifications.  We stock all the popular sizes.  Call to order.

Finely stranded (type III) tin-plated copper wire

Color coded wire and jacket

Temperature range -20C to 105C

Voltage Rating 600 Volts

Resistant to Acid, Alkalis, Abrasion, Flame, Gasloline, Oil, Ozone, Moisture, Fungus

Complies with: UL standard 1426, SAE J1128, J378, ABYC E-8.14, E-9.14, USCG 33CFR part 183, NMMA

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Pole Mounting Kit

Pole Hardware Kit
Pole Hardware Kit

1 1/2 inch schedule 40 polished anodized aluminum pole 10 feet. Two) one

Pole Clamps
Pole Clamps


Pole Base
Pole Base

Plastic spacers are used with aluminum pole, stainless pole does not use them.

Pole Base

Pole base can be placed at any angle up to 90 from the pole.  Plastic spacers go between aluminum pole and base, and are not used with stailess pole.

Strut Hardware

All parts are polished stainless and can be ordered individually.

Hardware kit available separately, see “pole Hardware Kit”



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Wind Generator Mizzen Bracket

Designed to be mounted on the mizzen mast, somewhere near the spreaders. It will not allow 360 degrees rotation, but that’s seldom an issue. When you’re at anchor or on a mooring, the boat is always pointing into the wind. When you’re dockside, you’re usually plugged into shore power and have turned the KISS off. When you’re sailing, you generally have the wind somewhere abeam or foreward.  Our bracket will allow the KISS to turn into the wind 75 to 80 degrees on either side. The only time this would be a disadvantage is if you’re doing a downwind circumnavigation.

Mizzen Bracket with Isolator

We prefer this mount over one atop the mast for safety reasons. During installation or servicing, with this lower mount, you can use a halyard to support the weight of the bracket and later the weight of the KISS rather than have to hoist them over your head with no safety line. This position also keeps weight lower for better boat balance & safety. And the wind generator is easier and safer to reach to remove the blade assembly when preparing for a hurricane.

Fits KISS, Air Marine, and many others.

Available with a built-in vibration isolator   $345  BUY NOW

Without Isolator  $245     BUY NOW

Mizzen Bracket
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Vibration Isolator

Vibration Isolator

Hotwire’s Vibration Isolator was developed to reduce vibration through the mounting structure of a wind generator. It is constructed of aluminum, pipe within pipe, separated by rubber similar to a car engine mount. This is an optional installation that goes at the top of a pole under a wind generator. It is also available as a built-in design feature on Hotwire’s mizzen bracket.  Can also be used on other wind generators.

vibration isolatr
Vibration Isolator on an Air X


  • painted with white polyurethane
  • 3.2 pounds
  • fits only 1-1/2 inch schedule 40 pipe. We have installed one on the KISS-mobile. Our old RV is flimsily constructed and had shuddered noisily when the KISS blades spun. Although it’s an entirely subjective evaluation, our impression is that the noise caused by vibration has been reduced by at least half since the addition of the isolator.$165.00     BUY NOW

Note:  The pole mounting kit is limited to about 104 inches if shipped UPS.  Adding the isolator allows the top of the pole to be 10 feet (because it adds to the height), and still ship UPS (or FedEx).

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KISS Rectifier

50 amp Delco rectifier used in KISS wind generator and many different cars.  Modified slightly to fit in control box of KISS.

A replacement rectifier is available from NAPA for $29.95, NAPA number ECH AC9.  Or, you can go to any auto parts store and ask for an alternator rectifier to fit a 1981 Chevy Impala with a 3.8L V6 engine.   It will need slight modification, drilling out one hole and countersinking another.  If you order it from us, it will have these modifications done.

$25    BUY NOW

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KISS Blade Set

Set of three blades.  When these are made, they are weighed and placed on a table in order of weight.  Then three at a time are taken for a set.  They are not available individually, although occasionally we might have one (call).

We have two versions of KISS blades.  Trinidad and USA.  The Trinidad has three layers of bi-axial fiberglass, very strong and lightweight.  No gell coat, the pigment is mixed with the resin.  Comes with lead tape, you balance.  Not always available (call).

USA:  Balanced by Hotwire.  Helicopter tape on the leading edge to prevent erosion.  Painted with Imeron white.  Five layers of fiberglass cloth.  Marked on the back with the weight, so that in the future you could order a single blade.


$250   BUY NOW

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KISS charge controllers


The TriStar operates only in one mode at a time. Most of Hotwire’s customers will be using it with the KISS on the Diversion Control setting.


A small to medium solar module can also be used with the KISS since the surplus power will flow into the divert load you select for your system. For those of you using a larger solar array, we recommend a separate wiring circuit and different charge controller. Please see our info on the MPPT solar controllers, a far more efficient technology for larger solar arrays aboard.

Standard Features:

Silent, solid state microprocessor control — increases system performance and maximizes battery life.  5 year warranty.

Data Sheet

Diversion Controller Mode:

Automatically diverts excess power to a “dummy” load such as a water or space heater to regulate hydroelectric, wind generators or PV/wind “hybrid” systems. (Please see Hotwire’s Divert Load info to see the options we offer.)
Provides 3 stage control of the battery charging process. (If you want the specs on the other 2 modes, please contact Hotwire.)

Optional LCD Digital Display with back-lighting continuously displays battery voltage DC amperage,

TriStar 45 $175, with isolation diode and diversion load – $310

Optional battery temperature sensor $35
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