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Divert Loads

Divert loads are typically needed with a wind generator to reduce the possibility of voltage spikes which could damage a charge controller designed strictly for solar panels.  When the batteries become fully charged, a diversion type charge controller sends any excess energy from the wind generator to the divert load. The diversion load also maintains an electrical load on the wind generator when the batteries are fully charged. This prevents the blades from “freewheeling”, thus reducing noise and vibration as well as wear on the wind generator.

Hotwire Enterprises offers three options for divert loads:

Hotwire’s Resistive Load Bank

One is made right here at our production center and consists of a series of highly reliable, wire-wound, ceramic power resistors mounted on a phenolic board. Hotwire’s Resistive Load Bank would be the preferred choice for those of you who expect to spend a good bit of time plugged into shore power. It might also be the better option if your heating element is “frozen” in place and you’re concerned about breaking a hole in your tank if you try to remove the element. If that’s the case, though, you might want to go ahead and install a new tank now to avoid problems while you’re out there cruising.  BUY NOW

Water Heater Load Diverter

For those of you planning to spend the vast majority of your time at anchor, a better option is a 12V/24V water heating element which replaces your 120V element in your hot water tank. (The threads are identical on most heaters.)

If you are providing power with your wind generator, the hot water heat exchanger from the engine will not be making hot water, and your 120V heater element won’t be working for you. So the advantage to the 12V heater element is that you can use any excess power to make hot water.

Winter is generally the time when the winds blow hardest, when your wind generator is producing at its peak, and when you’ll most appreciate the hot water!

The best option is Hotwire’s 12V/120V combo element so that you can use a single heater element for both anchoring out AND for shore power!! One loop is 12V at 300W; the other loop is 120V at 500W.

Let us know what brand of hot water tank you have and we can match the heater element to your tank. So far, we can fit any brand except Isotemp.   BUY NOW


Each divert option is $95.00 and can be used with any of our diversion-capable charge controllers.

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