DYI Wind Generator

For those of you who wish to make your own, here is a permanent magnet alternator that could be used to make a wind generator.  Made in China, based on a Delco 10SI alternator with a 2 inch “foot”, it has a magnet rotor (no brushes) with a stator wound for low speed 12 volt battery charging.  We got 10 amps at 13 volts at 1700 RPM on the test bench.  Suitable for trickle charging 12 volt (only) batteries.  Includes a built-in rectifier, but no voltage regulator.  Single battery (“B”, “one wire”) terminal, with negative ground wire threaded hole.  11.2 pounds.  Part number on box is APM0006.

Build your own blades, or buy some on-line, and mount on a pole with a tailfin, make energy.


Use for a back-up in case your alternator fails.  This can at least get you home or to a repair shop.

$140, call: (727) 943-0424

DYI Wind Generator Alternator
DYI Wing Generator Alternator

alternator 008 alternator 009

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