Hi John,
Just want to tell you how happy we are with you and your company Hotwire Enterprises!
Thank you so much for an awesome job that was done. I never knew that there was such freedom in having a solar system.
We have a log cabin in the woods, and my husband put together a small solar system, and we have a propane generator. Unfortunately, he really had a good idea, but it was very inefficient. We have no power at all from an electric company.
Then we contacted Hotwire Enterprises, who supplied us with the proper components, panels, batteries, and all we needed to run a two bedroom, two bath home efficiently. John was awesome in ordering, planning, and installing all we needed. He knew exactly what we needed and got the job completed in no time. Very professional, and highly knowledgeable in the solar system field. Thank you again for an awesome job!
It probably sounds crazy, but I can actually use all my appliances, crock pot, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron and don’t have to start a generator. My major appliances, stove, fridge, clothes dryer are all propane. But everything else runs on sun power. I am just blown away at what Hotwire Enterprises has done for us. They have our highest rating.
Thanks again Hotwire Enterprises,
Larry & Kimberley Boyette
Punta Gorda, Florida


 Hi John and Libbie,
Jackie and I are in Marathon (been here nearly a month) on our way to the Caribbean.  Thanks to the KISS and the solar panels you provided we haven’t even thought about starting the engine since we arrived.  Thanks to the port fan you provided (running 24/7 for about 3 years now) the boat is fresh and good smelling.  The LED tricolor/anchor light works beautifully.  And Jackie made a great stew and some blueberry muffins in the solar oven you sold us.  Thanks so much for making cruising so easy and good-tasting!  Jackie just reminded me about the salt shaker light John made.  Still keeping the cockpit in the cool LED glow after about 5 years.  Talk to you soon from the sunny side of the sea!
Ken and Jackie
Anyway, I just want to tell you how much ‘I LOVE THAT
MT27’.  And I really do appreciate you guys dropping
it off.  I can’t believe how easy it is on batteries,
it’s GREAT.  Thank you so much.

Well smooth sailing to you.  And I hope to be doing
more business with you.  Thanks again.

John and Libby,
Thanks for the Engel MT45 Freezer.  It is hooked up to DC and works
great.  It is very quiet and we are impressed by how little power it
uses.  It ran overnight and it did not drain the battery.  We have it
full of drinks and it holds a lot.  We should have done this in the
first place!
We had an enjoyable trip to Tarpon Springs.  My mom has the plants
Libby gave her rooted and we are planning our garden.  We also enjoyed
Mama’s Greek Cuisine.  We are glad we found Hotwire…
Last time, we only ran the diesel to charge the batteries 4-6 time in 4 months! And also, when it is windy out at night, we just crank up the DVDs and let the KISS furnish the power!
Thanks for all your efforts to get the shipment to me in time.  You’re great!
Wow, now that’s what I call service!!!

Thanks for coming up with a good product.  I thought about buying muffin fans on my own to do this but the value add of your bracket design, and switch installation design makes it worth the price.

we just love it – we only have to run the engine to make hot water or travel sometimes! Thanks again!


john/libbie- thanks for the good service and help on my KISS system. 
I appreciate your excellent customer service.
Thanks again for everything.  don’t forget to use me as a reference if anyone doubts the ease of service of the unit or your fabulous support. 
You and John are so good I wish you serviced Yanmar engines as well.
Thank you and John soooooo much for sending the parts to us and taking the time to explain things ,  we’re back in business again!
Stuart & Heather

I installed the portfan that I purchased from you and like the design and performance.   I really like the O ring design for holding the fan in the selected position.  It is way more elegant than the Hella design.  The other thing I like about your product is that you thought through the issue of leading the wire away from the fan. I would like to add a few more to the boat before taking off in the fall.

Libbie, virtually every experience we have had with you guys has been amazing, rewarding, and usually results in our spending less money.  (You might want to rethink that!) Thank you for the call about our only needing blades and not a total replacement fan. You are terrific folks to do business with.
Lynn Forgosh