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Engel Refrigerator/Freezers


Very energy efficient, reliable and long-lived.  At every boat show we do, there are people who come up to our booth and say something like, “Engel!  This is the best thing we have on our boat!  I love my Engel!  I hereby commit my life to worshipping this product!”  (Okay, we never actually heard that last one, but you get the idea.)

Engel Swing Compressor
Engel swing compressor

MD-14F    • 15 Qt Capacity ? 12V/24V DC
• Optional AC Converter Available
• Power Consumption: 0.9 – 2.8 Amps
• Easy Access Flip-Top Lid
• 100% CFC-Free Compressor Powered
• Reliable Cooling Independent from Ambient
• Vibration Resistant
• Compact, Lightweight and Quiet

MRFD-015     $463     14 QUARTS     DATA SHEET      BUY NOW   FREE SHIPPING

MT17F            $814     16 QUARTS    DATA SHEET      BUY NOW   FREE SHIPPING

MT27F            $840      22 QUARTS   DATA SHEET      BUY NOW  FREE SHIPPINGMT35F            $868      34 QUARTS   DATA SHEET      BUY NOW    FREE SHIPPING

MT45F            $903      43QUARTS     DATASHEET      BUY NOW       FREE SHIPINGMR040F          $849      40 QUARTS    DATA SHEET     BUY NOW     FREE SHIPPING

MT60F              $1320      64 QUARTS   DATA SHEET    FREE SHIPPING

MT60F-U1-C COMBI   $1346  34/26.5 QUARTS    DATA SHEET

MT80F 84 QUARTS       $1635     DATA SHEET     FREE SHIPPING

NEW:  Front Loading:

SR48  42 QUARTS (1.6 CUBIC FEET)    $700     FREE SHIPPING




SB70F (A/C – D/C)  60 QUARTS (2.3 CUBIC FEET) $730      FREE SHIPPING



Independent testing confirms the MT45 uses 21 amp-hours per day, adjusted to 35F degrees inside, in 90F degree ambient temperature.  All Engel refrigerator/freezers use a German designed “swing compressor” that works by an electromagnet pulling a plunger/piston that compresses the refrigerant, then the plunger springs back.  The strength of the pulse of the electromagnet is determined by the heat load.  Parts are manufactured in Japan and then assembled in Indonesia.  Very popular in Australia with the guys who take their 4WD camping in the outback.


One option is the “Slide Lock” that will hold the refrigerator to the floor of a 4WD in a roll-over (or keep it from sliding around in your boat).

Also very popular with RVers, there is a “slide tray” that allows the refrigerator freezer to slide into a compartment (like along the bottom sides of a large RV).

Most models have a lid that will open from the end, and the lid will slide off (kind of like a pintel and gudgeon arrangement).  There is an optionial lock that will prevent the lid from sliding off.  The new MR40 has a lid that opens from the side, and can be switched to open from the other side.

Most models have an optional insulated cover that would be a good idea if the refrigerator is stored where sunlight can shine directly onto it.

MT17  Transit Bag   $102   BUY NOW

MT27  Transit Bag    $104   BUY NOW

MT35  Transit Bag    $125  BUY NOW

MT45  Transit Bag    $130  BUY NOW

MT60  Transit Bag   $175  BUY NOW

MT80  Transit Bag   $175  BUY NOW

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