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KISS Slip Ring

For most installations, I don’t recommend that you add the slip rings, because you won’t need them and because of the extra cost.  The slip rings allow the wind generator to rotate on the pole indefinitely.  The way the KISS comes, there is a tether that allows the wind generator to rotate about 3 turns in either direction from straight ahead.  If you are in an anchorage, the boat will be pointing more or less into the wind most of the time.  It’s only when you are on the banks, a river or in a marina that the boat will be doing 360s.  However, if the wind generator is mounted such that it is difficult to get to it, then a slip ring would make sense.

The slip ring we use was designed for a moving conveyor belt in an assembly line.  It is a sealed unit with liquid mercury around the sliding contacts so that there is no arcing or radio frequency interference.  Also, there are very little resistance, no wear, and extremely long life.   Available installed on a new generator or as a solder-in upgrade to an existing generator.  $250  BUY NOW