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Kyocera Solar has been around for a long time.  They are very popular with boaters, having a track record of reliability and good after sales support.  Kyocera panels are covered by their warranty when used on a mobile application (many others are not).  An interesting history is at:


Their 140 watt panel is very popular with boaters, having improved in efficiency from 120 to 140

solar on bimini
KD140 over bimini

watts in the last few years. and we have a bunch of systems out there using the 120 to 140 watt panels. see:

We stock the GX and SX 140 panels, and (most of the time) KC85T panels.   The GX have about 2 foot long wires with MC4 connectors, and the SX have a junction box.  The GX are much easier and quicker to wire up, and we have the tools and wire to make up what ever you need, see: MC4 connectors

The KC85 panels are shipped to the US about twice a year, and while we have been told they would no longer be manufactured, so far they are still around, but intermittently.  Kyocera, like most solar panel manufacturers, have concentrated on producing and marketing larger panels, and so the 85 watt panels are actually more expensive than the 140s.

The SX and KC panels have a junction box, and if you are replacing panels with a junction box,

mc4 connectors, MC4 wires, MC4 solar wire
MC4 “extension cord”

this would be the way to go.  One small advantage to the SX is the by-pass rectifiers can be replaced because they in an accessible junction box, the downside of which is the junction box is more likely to leak and cause corrosion of the terminals.

KD135 $299 (only a couple left) (call)

KD140  $329  BUY NOW

KC85T  $399  BUY NOW (call)


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