Lagun Table Bracket

From a happy customer:

“After opening the box containing the adjustable cockpit table bracket, I knew I held in my hands exactly what I had been looking for.  With my traveler running right in front of my steering pedestal on our C&C 35 Landfall, conventional table bracket designs don’t work out, so this is just what we need.  And the fit, finish and construction, the Swedish workmanship-beautiful to see. Thanks folks.”

What more can I say?

Lagun table bracket $225 Call to order (727) 9434-0424

For many (especially small) boats, a cockpit table requires an innovative solution.  Here you go. The base fits onto vertical surface of the the footwell, and when the bracket and table are removed, the base sticks out into the footwell by 7/16 inch (11MM).  The base comes with plastic wedges used to level the bracket.  Comes apart for storage, or put another base in another location, and move it around.  The Lagun table bracket allows adjustment up and down, then rotates 360 degrees at the top of the vertical member, and 360 degrees at the bottom of the table top.

cockpit table
Lagun Table bracket on boat
table bracket disassembled
Parts store on table base.

Great for RVs, especially campers with low quality tables.  The forum  “ has a bunch of comments and suggestions for installing and using the Lagun table bracket on an RV, and SailLife has a video of a  sailboat (yes, it starts  with”rv”): RV.

Extra table bases and a Starboard table top are also available.  We stock all the replacement parts.


Lagun Table Bracket, cockpit table, small boat cockiut table
Table Top not included


Table top shown at left is for the fish cleaning top, available from Sweden.  We stock the table top below (made in the USA), $69.  Call to order (727) 943-0424

cockpit table top
Hotwire’s table top


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