Bebi (and other) cockpit LED lights

Cockpit Lights

Bebi has gone out of business.    As a replacement, the Marine Beam hanging cockpit light ($35 – $42.50, depending on options) looks good: Utility LED Anchor Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor   Call to order.

Note;  If you have a Bebi cockpit light that has failed, most likely the photosensor is the problem.  While the photosensor cannot be replaced, it can be disabled, allowing the light to function (without the automatic on-off).  To do so, drill out the photosensor with a 3/16 drill bit about 1/4 inch deep, then seal up the hole with 5200.

We also have an LED replacement for the bulb in the Davis cockpit light that is brighter and uses less energy than the original, $10 – $15.

We also have some Bebi navigation light LED bulb replacements left, with significant discounts (call). (727) 943-0424




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