Port Fan (Deluxe)

Effective, efficient, quiet 12 volt cabin fans. And EXTREMELY LONG-LASTING, too!!

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Delux Port fan in Port, Basic has no bulkhead mount

Based on a very high quality electrical equipment fan, the Port Fan is about 4 times more powerful than the average computer fan, yet still very quiet (39 Db). Ideal for a cruising sailboat, we used a 12 cabin fan like this on board HOTWIRE when we were cruising. One night while we were asleep, our cat Shiner fell overboard. We were able to hear her plaintive calls for help even with the fan on high.

The Deluxe model includes 3 mounting options!   Basic fits into a port or hatch and can be mounted with Velcro (included)

The Port Fan can be installed in any size or shape opening port  like a window fan for your boat!  Bring cool air in at night rather than blowing warm air around.   It mounts with a bungee loop around the port lens (or the hinges) for quick removal when the rains come. Turn it facing out to vent the galley or the head. Or use them in pairs in opposing port holes, one to blow in, one to vent out, for terrific cross-ventilation!   Works to bring in cool, fresh air even when the awning is up.

The bulkhead  mount is a universal bracket which allows the fan to point 360 degrees in any direction. Install it on any flat surface.  With an extra bracket, you can increase your mounting options for a single fan.  (If you have a broken Hella fan, you can use its old bracket. Call to special order our Port Fan without the bulkhead bracket at a discount).   Also, works great for OTR trucks!  Also works great in an office cubicle with the 120 volt adaptor! 

Self-adhesive Velcro mounts the Port Fan to the inside of a hatch, like a ceiling fan, for great circulation whether the hatch is open or closed, the only 12 volt cabin fan with this option.   If you’ve got a heater or air-conditioner on board, the Port Fan works wonderfully for circulating air throughout the cabin. We find that a high position and pointing to blow down seems to work best.   Use the Velcro under a cabinet or wherever your imagination chooses.

Stand the Port Fan up on a shelf or table or countertop to cool you wherever you’re working, or  in the cockpit when you’re entertaining on a still night, or on the floor of the cockpit to blow the mosquitoes off your ankles, or inside your engine compartment (for those hot maintenance and repair days). Toss one in your duffle bag if you’re heading out on a charter. Keep thinking!  The most versital 12 volt cabin fan.  The longest lasting 12 volt cabin fan (70,000 hours!!!)  You’ll come up with many ways to use our fan!!

Powerful and safe:  On high speed, the Port Fan blows about 106 Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM) yet draws only about 0.5 amp on high speed and about 0.25 amp on low, so you can run one all night without draining your batteries. The 6′ cord has a male cigarette plug with a fuse inside.  (We have good cigarette lighter sockets if you need them, $6.)  Or, you can cut the plug off and hard wire it to an existing lighting circuit, like other 12 volt cabin fans.

Rated for 70,000 hours, almost 8 years continuous use.  Compare that to brush-type, less expensive motors (and some that are more expensive) that are rated for 5,000 hours.  And our brushless 12 voolt cabin fan will not interfere with your high frequency radio signals.

The Port Fan is available in 12V or 24V, or with a 120 volt (house current) adaptor (works great in a cubicle).

If you need ventilation for a boat in storage, contact us for the scoop on a no-frills fan to operate on a 5 watt solar panel and no battery!

Also available at: Sailorman in Ft. Lauderdale and from Sailors Solutions    Dealer inquiries invited

Deluxe  $74.95    BUY NOW

Basic $65.oo   BUY NOW

We put these together here, so you can call to ask for longer wires, different voltage.          (727) 943-0424

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