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Solar Power for Homes
John and Libbie and all of us at Hotwire understand that alternative energy is new and can be confusing. So we have a four-step process to help you get up to speed and make a decision about whether solar power and alternative energy are right for you.

1. EDUCATION – Free Solar Seminars.
Tour a solar home, boat or rv. At Hotwire, we live the life we preach, so we know the usual questions and have most of the right answers. Enjoy a home tour with explanations of what you see and plenty of time for your questions.

2. ASSESSMENT – Expert Guidance on Solar Powering Your Home

Once you have decided that solar is right for you, our team can help you make the right decisions about your solar powered renewable energy supply. How much electricity do you use? How many solar panels will you need? What financial incentives will you qualify for?

Hotwire experts will assist you in designing the solar energy power supply for your home.

John passed Florida State’s Solar Contractor’s written exam. Along with his years of experience living with renewable energy, conducting seminars on solar power and wind power, and designing and installing systems for customers, this further qualifies him to do residential photovoltaic consultation, site surveys and system designs.
John is willing to work closely with your electrician or our own during installation to ensure quality. And he can assist you with the paperwork required to qualify you for whatever rebates and federal tax credits are available for grid-tied solar electric systems.

Hotwire carries a wide range of solar power components, supplies and equipment. We can order from our many industry suppliers and help you comparison shop for the best solution to meet your solar power needs.

Our customer, EcoFarm of Plant City (the first-ever solar grid-tie system in Hillsborough County, Florida) is now producing its own solar power for home and business as well as feeding surplus electricity back to the power grid!

Info on how to get a Residential PV system
Case Study examples: Grid-Tie, Stand-Alone, Hybrid
Kits & Kaneka
Kill-a-Watt meter
Sun Oven
Sundanzer refrigerators and freezers
Centrifugal Spin Dryer
Engel refrigerators/freezers
Water pumping
Well pumps
Pool pumps
Fountains, waterfalls, etc. (need photo of Palm Harbor Library’s waterfall)
Links to NREL, FSEC, SunWize, Kyocera, Progress Energy, TECO, FP&L,