Sopray 5 watt Solar Panels

Sopray 5

Monocrystal (the most efficient kind), Chinese made, glass top, anodized aluminum frame.  2.2 pounds, 11.75 X 10.2 X 1 inches.  Aprx 20 inches of wire.  We can install alligator clips or a cigarette lighter plug on the wires for you (call).  If you have a battery of at least 30 amp-hours (about the size of one used on a large motorcycle), you may not even need a charge controller.  Put foam rubber around the outside (like the stuff used for hot water pipes), and leave it in the cockpit (where potential thieves will not see it)  when you are away from the boat.  This panel will keep a battery charged, but it will take a month or more to recharge a substantially discharged battery.  For a more permanent installation on a small boat, see the Aurinco 12.  Or larger panels below.  $19    BUY NOW

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