Sopray Solar Panels

Chinese made.  Very good value.  I would stay away from the small Chinese manufacturers.  The warranty on solar panels is typically 25 years, but that doesn’t do you much good if the company goes away.  Many small Chinese manufacturers have gone away (along with manufacturers from the rest of the world).  Sopray is one of the ten largest solar panel manufacturers in China and they have a third party warranty, so the warranty is good even if they go away.   We are stocking most of the line of 5 to 140 watt panels, note some of the dimetions may be the packaging, not the panels; for the data sheets see:

The 20 to 60 watt panels are good for fitting solar into the space you have available, like stern rail mounting.  We have the mounting systems you need for putting these on the rail.  Or we can supply you with clamps, adjusting arms, through deck fittings, cross brackets, supports, or any of the bits and pieces needed to put a mount together, including technical support.  Call us for suggestions.

The 70, 80 and 90 watt panels are the same size, 19.4 inches by 47.4 inches.  This makes them a good choice for rail mounting or a good fit for bimini mounts away from the boom.  We also have some TR70 panels that are 26.5 by 30.1 inches.

Sopray uses MC4 connectors on the end of “pigtails” (short wires coming out of the junction box on the back of the panel).  We have extension cords for these wires made of UV resistant outdoor wire and O ring sealed outdoor connectors or the type typically used on the roofs of houses and businesses.  Cords are $0.70 per foot and $5 per installed connector, and available in 10 or 12 gauge.  These are a great way to get the wires from the panels to inside the boat or to the controller.

Sopray 5 watt.   A quality panel at a great price, glass top, aluminum frame, perfect for keeping the batteries charged on a boat on a mooring, slip, or stored on a trailer.  Works just as well for battery charging RV or stored car to keep the battery from becoming discharged or damaged from low state of charge.  No controller required, but you should have a fuse near where it attaches to the battery, to prevent a short from burning up the wires (and whatever is nearby).  We can set this up with a cable and cigarette lighter plug.  We also have some nice cigarette lighter sockets ($6, no brass)

soparay 5 watt   $20   BUY NOW

Soparay 20 – 60 watts < $2 per watt

Sopray 70 watts $139

Sopray 80 watts  $159 out of stock

Sopray 90 watts $179

Sopray 140 watts  $279 out of stock

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