Special Projects

Solar and Wind Power Consultants

Solar powered lighting or water pumping makes a lot of sense if you have a situation where the power lines are a long ways away. Hotwire alternative energy consultants can help you match the products to your goals. Stand-alone solar powered lighting systems can be set up with a photosensor to turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. Hotwire has years of experience designing and installing remote light systems for diverse applications.
Solar is a great option for lighting streets or flag poles. Keep your golf cart batteries charged with a solar panel.

College Campus Solar Streetlights

Hotwire designed and built the solar power packs for the solar powered street lights at Hillsboro Community College, Ybor City, Tampa. Each power pack has a 65 watt solar module mounted onto it, and inside is a controller, battery, and terminal strips for the light wiring. Let us know what you want to power, and we can build a custom power pack to supply power from the sun.

Agricultural Solar Power

Hotwire has the technical background to recommend and install water pumping. Solar can be used for wells down to 400 feet, surface pumping, pressure water system, or water aeration. The USDA has offered incentives available for some applications. Call us for a quote.

Wind power or solar power can provide water pumping for livestock. In the summer when there is little wind and a greater demand for water, a solar system provides more power. Shown above is a system installed by Hotwire that provides 1200 gallons per day using two Kaneka 60 watt solar modules with a Grundfos SQ well pump.

About John Gambill

John’s early background is mechanical and technical, starting with FAA Airframe and Power Plant certification at the University of Illinois, Institute of Aviation in Champaign, Illinois. Then motorcycles (mostly Japanese), Bachelor’s in Education, Service manager for Honda and Toyota, and then Technical Dealer Support for Mitsubishi Motors of America, with some small engine repair and underground mining equipment overhaul, and professional blackjack.

For the last ten years, he has been designing and supplying renewable energy (RE) systems for boats, RVs and houses. Recent projects include the solar power supply for street lights at Hillsborough Community College; ambulance solar/battery charging systems for SunStar in Largo, Florida; solar water pumping for a cattle ranch in Plant City, Florida; solar battery charging for powered hand carts on Budweiser delivery trucks; and solar powered golf carts. Mostly he has been fabricating installation hardware and supplying components and designs for solar & wind powered systems aboard cruising sailboats.

John has been certified by various manufacturers of solar residential equipment, including Southwest Windpower, Sharp, Xantrex, SMA America, UniRac, Fronius, and Morningstar. He has passed the certification tests for the Florida Solar Contractors Certification. John has been presenting seminars on RE at all the major sailboat shows, in Tarpon Springs for home owners, as well as for boat clubs and other various interested groups, and has been the guest speaker on WMNF Radio’s Sustainable Living program multiple times.

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