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Spanish for Cruisers & French for Cruisers

Spanish For Cruisers  (2nd Edition – NEW!!)   $31.95
French For Cruisers    $29.95
by Kathy Parsons

Useful resource books for boaters in countries where Spanish or French are spoken! Each contains not only basic conversational words and phrases but also (more importantly) vocabulary specific to boat parts and jobs, including exploded diagrams of important systems along with the names of the various pieces. Handy to have even if you’re fluent!!

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Guys, if you think you’re covered in this department because your wife is a native Spanish speaker from Panama or the Dominican Republic or wherever, … think again!  Does she know all the technical words for the engine parts or electrical components?  Do your friends’ English-speaking wives or partners know all the technical names in ENGLISH? These books will make their value OBVIOUS to you once you get to French-speaking or Spanish-speaking countries!

An Embarrassment of Mangos
by Ann Vanderhoof

A great read!! Ann is a writer by profession (former editor of Cottage Life magazine and contributor to Port Guides) and put together a great story! We actually met these fun folks in Grenada back in 1996 when we were all exploring the island for the first time! We shared an anchorage with them and rode around together in Cat-Eye’s “maxi-taxi” for an overview of the island. A more positive-thinking couple would be hard to find, and the uplifting attitudes come through in her book. It’s a story of their journey from Toronto through the Caribbean, learning about their boat, meeting people and making friends. It’s a comedy. It’s a tale of island history. It’s a collection of island recipes she learned along the way. It’s also her personal discovery that boundaries and limits are set within our own minds and that we can pick them up and move them around any time we choose. The book defies categorizing and is even enjoyed by the guys!  John says, “If you have a special lady friend, and want her to go cruising with you, this is the book you should buy for her to read.”

Home Power Magazine    $7

If you are thinking of using wind or solar power at home or at your small business and want to learn more, you should have this magazine.  Every issue has articles about real life installations.  Solar power, solar hot water, electric cars, NEC code info, geothermal, and other energy-related topics.   Fairly technical, but written for the general public.
See   or call for the latest issue.  $7  BUY NOW