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Wind Generator Mizzen Bracket

Designed to be mounted on the mizzen mast, somewhere near the spreaders. It will not allow 360 degrees rotation, but that’s seldom an issue. When you’re at anchor or on a mooring, the boat is always pointing into the wind. When you’re dockside, you’re usually plugged into shore power and have turned the KISS off. When you’re sailing, you generally have the wind somewhere abeam or foreward.  Our bracket will allow the KISS to turn into the wind 75 to 80 degrees on either side. The only time this would be a disadvantage is if you’re doing a downwind circumnavigation.

Mizzen Bracket with Isolator

We prefer this mount over one atop the mast for safety reasons. During installation or servicing, with this lower mount, you can use a halyard to support the weight of the bracket and later the weight of the KISS rather than have to hoist them over your head with no safety line. This position also keeps weight lower for better boat balance & safety. And the wind generator is easier and safer to reach to remove the blade assembly when preparing for a hurricane.

Fits KISS, Air Marine, and many others.

Available with a built-in vibration isolator   $345  BUY NOW

Without Isolator  $245     BUY NOW

Mizzen Bracket
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KISS Mounts

There are several ways and places to mount a wind generator aboard: attached to a stern arch, on a pole, forward of a mizzen mast, in the rigging, or even overboard and towed astern. Towing is the only option not suitable for the KISS. Here at Hotwire, we fabricate and assemble a variety of mounting brackets and hardware for your installation. Continue reading KISS Mounts