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Bebi Cabin Lights

About Bebi

Owl Cockpit/”anchor” light (not USCG approved)  15LEDs  $32.50            MORE INFO     BUY NOW






Rinirino Reading Light  G4 base, halogen replacement, 12 LEDs   $32.50   MORE INFO    BUY NOW






Kalokalo Reading Light  G4 base, Halogen replacement,15 LEDs$32.50      MORE INFO    BUY NOW 



Michael at Bebi in Fiji writes: “Electrically, we use an integral linear current regulator to provide maximum light intensity without negatively impacting the life of the LED’s. We have had a light on ‘Shangri-La’ in continuous test for over 18 months without any sign of deterioration or discoloration in the lenses. It has been repeatedly subject to system voltages greater than 15 volts and as low as 11.5. The light has been subjected to tropical storms and the harsh radiation of the tropical sun.”