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An Embarrassment of Mangoes

An Embarrassment of Mangos
By Ann Vanderhoof
A great read!! Ann is a writer by profession (former editor of Cottage Life magazine and contributor to Port Guides) and put together a great story! We actually met these fun folks in Grenada back in 1996 when we were all exploring the island for the first time! We shared an anchorage with them and rode around together in Cat-Eye’s “maxi-taxi” for an overview of the island. A more positive-thinking couple would be hard to find, and the uplifting attitudes come through in her book. It’s a story of their journey from Toronto through the Caribbean, learning about their boat, meeting people and making friends. It’s a comedy. It’s a tale of island history. It’s a collection of island recipes she learned along the way. It’s also her personal discovery that boundaries and limits are set within our own minds and that we can pick them up and move them around any time we choose. The book defies categorizing and is even enjoyed by the guys!¬† John says, “If you have a special lady friend, and want her to go¬†cruising with you, this is the book you should buy for her to read.”