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Solar-Powered Water Pumping

Solar Powered Water Pumping

Hotwire has the technical background to recommend, design, and install solar powered water pumping systems for swimming pools, landscaping projects, fountains and any other pumping project you may have which you want off of the electric bill.  

We can help with remote pumping. Solar powered water pumping makes a lot of sense, especially if you have a situation where the power lines are a long ways away. Solar can be used for wells down to 400 feet, surface pumping, pressure water system, or water aeration. The USDA has offered incentives available for some applications. Call us for a quote.

Pumping water in Polk County with electricity provided by solar panels

Cattle ranch in Lakeland, Florida

Solar can provide pumping for livestock. In the summer when there is little wind and more demand, the solar system provides more water. Pictured is a system that provides 1200 gallons per day using two Kaneka 60 watt solar modules with a Grundfos SQ well pump.