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Lagun Cockpit Table Bracket

Lagun Table Arm
Lagun Table Arm

lagun_bord_funktion_4[1]Support and arm

The popular Lagun boat cockpit table bracket from Sweden. The frame is ingenious, giving you greater freedom for festive meals on board. You can move around in the cockpit without the cockpit table being in the way. Suits all types of boats, including small boats where you thought you could not have a cockpit table.  Practical.  Turn, spin or fold, this cockpit table can be made to suit all situations. And you can always have it set up without it getting in the way. With no legs of its own, there is plenty of room for yours. Durable.  Built to resist the harsh elements of the sea, the frame is manufactured from saltwater- resistant anodised aluminum and all moving parts are extremely hardwearing.  Easily installed.  The mounting plate is easy to install and place at a suitable location


Lagun Arm Installedin the cockpit or below.  It is no problem if you want to move the cockpit table, for example into the cabin. Just buy extra mounting plate and easily move the cockpit table to another location.

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