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Special Projects

If you need power, and the electrical outlet isn’t close and a generator won’t do, we can help.  Water pumping out in the back 40 for a farm, lighting a sign without having to dig a trench to the grid, charging batteries (anywhere), these are some of the things solar can do well.  Many times, the cost of the solar installation will be nearly the same as hooking up to electricity from the grid, but for the next 40 years or so, the power is free.

Farm applications abound. 

Solar electric fence battery charging; it doesn’t take a lot of wattage to keep the battery charged.  The panel can be mounted on the fence near the battery.

Water pumping; solar power can work where wind power is not so reliable (like in Florida). 

Solar Livestock Water Pump System

The USDA has grant programs available for rural solar installations.  Most states have incentives available to cover part of the cost, and there are other federal programs as well. For more info see: DESIRE incentives listing

Other special projects we have designed include:

*  Portable device battery charging in ambulances (see the St. Petersburg Times article).

* GPS battery charging for kayak.

* Battery charging the electric hand carts on beer trucks.

* Solar powered ventilation fans for pets.

Custom made power supply

* Solar lighting for street lights at Hillsboro Community College in Ybor City.

* Electric gate opening device.

* Laptop battery charging.

* Solar sign lighting 

* Emergency power supply

Pretty much everything that can be done with electricity can be done with solar power.

Ybor City Street Light
Remote Surveillance