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Kyocera Solar Panels

d.Blue Module
Kyocera has perfected its new surface treatment technology and is using it on its entire line of modules named d.Blue, for its dark blue color.

The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output. The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 16 %, one of the highest conversion efficiencies in the polycrystalline module industry.

d.Blue is ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells, combined with black module frames, allow the modules to blend in with the buildings architecture while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

The d.Blue modules are available in 205, 180, and 135-watt panels. All feature Multi-Contact™ output cables, a heavy-duty box-style anodized aluminum frame; and an industry high 20-year power output warranty

Kyocera panels tend to be wider and shorter (in the long dimension), and so can be a better fit, depending on what you have to work with.  The “T” designation indicates a junction box on the back, see strain relief fittings for a clean installation.

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