Teak Seat

Made by NOA in Sweden, this folding seat will add another valuable place to sit when you are sailing as well as when you are in the anchorage sipping your drinks!

This finely crafted teak seat is fastened on the stern rail or push-pit with NOA aluminum fittings10618[1] and can also be mounted in a corner with a diagonal stay.   It is made with built-in plastic isolators to separate the aluminum fittings from your stainless steel rails and allow it to rotate on the rail.  Fits one inch or 25 millimeter rail (or other sizes by special order, please specify). The single leg can be adjusted (it comes too long and will need to be cut) to fit your boat and has a built-in spring which automatically folds the leg down, and it has a clip (barely visible in the photo) that holds the leg against the seat for space-saving when the seat is not in use and is folded to vertical position.  The fittings that clamp onto the rail can rotate, so the rail does not have to be perfectly straight.   A cross brace is available to move the seat away from a sharp corner.

Teal Seat with Diagonal Stay

NOA Cross-Stay

Teak Seat  $213.00  BUY NOW

Diagonal Stay  $28  BUY NOW



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