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March 17, 2013
SV Hotwire Enterprises LLC, DBA Hotwire Enterprises
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Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use.

You may use the information in this site for your own personal use only, if you conform to the
Terms Of Use. We reserve the right to change any information in the site, including but not
limited to specifications and price. Specifications, price, color, and all other characteristics of
any products and services may not conform to the information on the site. You may not use
this site for anything illegal, including anything related to local laws regarding age appropriate
materials or usability. All materials included in the site are to be used in a lawful manner.
Hotwire will not be responsible for the illegal or inappropriate use of any materials, products or

We may change anything on the site at any time without prior notice. We may change the
Terms of Use at any time, and so you should reread these terms every time you access the site.

We will not share your information with anyone, except as needed to process payment. Any
information we keep on record will be stored securely.

Please contact us for a return authorization before sending anything back to us. You are
responsible for shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed. We are not responsible for damage
due to improperly packaged stuff sent back to us. Returned goods must be in new, sellable
condition, unless otherwise agreed.

Patents, copyrights and trademarks apply to all of the products and materials on this site. Fair
use of any intellectual property requires prior consent.

External links to this site must be approved by us.

This site is available “as is” and we make no representations as to the operation of the site.
We make no claims of suitability of use of any products or services. The site may have
mistakes. We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms of Use at any time and without
prior notice. We will not be liable for the use of this site or any materials, products or services
on the site, nor for lost time, wages, direct or incidental damage, inability to use products, or
lost profits. This disclaimer does not apply to any manufacturer’s warranty. In no event will we
be liable for more than the amount paid by you for the products and services in the site. This
disclaimer is an essential part of the Terms of Use.

For information, contact John Gambill or Libbie Ellis, (727) 943-0424

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