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About Us

Here’s our story:

When we met in January ’94, John said, “I’m leaving in 9 months to cruise the Caribbean on my sailboat, and I’m looking for crew.” Within a month, Libbie was buying her foul weather gear! We spent 4 years cruising in the Caribbean aboard s/v HOTWIRE, our steel Bruce Roberts 36′, and continued to live aboard in the Tampa Bay area for another 8 years while we were growing the business.

When we started cruising, our energy needs were very basic. The longer we were out, the more comforts and conveniences we added. By the time we decided to sail home on business, we were using lots of electrical gadgets, keeping the batteries charged with a KISS High Output wind generator and a solar panel, rarely having to start the engine.

Since we returned to the U.S. in late 1998, we’ve been using our education backgrounds and cruising experience to help other cruisers put together energy systems that will make life easier and more comfortable for them, sticking to the KISS principal: Keep It Simple, Sailor! We know we’re doing something right because so many of our customers have become our good friends and our best referral sources! (You guys are GREAT! Thank you!)

Our knowledge and experience with small systems evolved into consultation, design and installation of the larger residential and commercial solar electric systems as well.

John has extensive experience with power-related systems and is available for FREE consultation, helping you to design a working system to meet your energy needs. (But even Libbie has learned more than she ever thought she’d want to know about alternative energy and is now able to guide customers on basic issues.) Please feel free to contact us with your alternative energy questions or use us as a sounding board for your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

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