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OGM LED Navigation and Anchor Lights – Now part of Misea Group
OGM LED Running Lights
Introducing a complete line of Coast Guard approved, low power, rugged LED navigation lighting for power and sail boats up to 50 meters (165 ft) in length. An included mounting bracket is provided for the red or green navigation lights; no bracket is required for the stern light.

OGM has re-engineered its LED navigation lights to include waterproof connectors. This is of tremendous value to trailer-sailors who must disconnect cabling to their masthead and anchor lights every time they trailer their boat. It is also important to northern sailors who haul out each winter.

It is less important to southern sailors who rarely de-step their mast, but the waterproof connector prevents condensation in the fixture and wiring.

LED Port (Red) Running Light
LED Port Running (red) Light for sail and power boats up to 164 ft. Low power, Rugged, Waterproof, Long Life. Built for the military, but available at a reasonable price for any mariner.
$189.00  BUY NOW

Running Light

LED Starboard Running (green) Light for power and sail boats up to 164ft Low power, rugged, waterproof, long life.
$189.00   BUY NOW

Stern Light

LED white stern light for power and sail boats up to 164ft Low power, rugged, waterproof, long life.
$224.00   BUY NOW

OGM LX LED Anchor Light

Orca Green Marine’s LX series uses the latest Luxeon LED technology available. A newly designed power regulation circuit allows OGM’s lights to operate from 8V to 36 V DC. Therefore, the LX series can be used on 12V, 24V, or 36VDC battery systems.

The OGM anchor light requires only one Luxeon LED! An optional photocell automatically turns on at dusk, off at daylight, allowing you to leave your boat at anchor for days. The low power draw can be replenished during the day with a small solar panel to charge your boat’s battery bank.

OGM LX series LED Anchor Light Specifications

Voltage Range: 8V to 36V D.C.

Anchor Light

Power Consumption: 3 Watts (0.25 Amp at 12V)
Waterproofness: 6+ feet saltwater, 1+ hours
Auto on/off: optional
Material: Delrin, cast acrylic
LED: one Luxeon white – true 50,000+ Hours, 62 Lumens
Hookup: 4 feet marine-grade 2-conductor, 20-gauge wire
Dimensions: 2.5 inches high, 2.7 inches diameter

OGM LXA Series LED Anchor Light $249.00 BUY NOW
OGM LXA-P Series LED Anchor Light 
(with photocell on/off) $259.00   BUY NOW

OGM LXTA TriColor/Anchor $439.00  BUY NOW

OGM LXTA-P TriColor/Anchor
(with photocell on/off) $439.00  BUY NOW
OGM LXTA-S TriColor/Anchor with Strobe $439.00  BUY NOW
OGM LXTA-SP TriColor/Anchor with Strobe and
(with photocell on/off) $449.00  BUY NOW
Mounting of OGM mast lights is simple with three 6-32 screw inserts in the base. Choose between two optional stainless steel mounting brackets available: one for the flat top of the mast, the other L-shaped for side-mount.

Rotary switch for OGM Tricolor/anchor – allows you to use two wires up the mast to operate anchor or tri-color, by changing the polarity of the wires.  $40  BUY NOW

Rotary Switch

Toggle switch for OGM Tricolor/anchor – allows you to use two wires up the mast to operate either the anchor or tri-color.  Install a new tri-color/anchor combination to replace your old anchor light without rewiring the mast.  $7  BUY NOW

Toggle Switch

OGM LX Mounting Bracket

Side Mount $40.00  BUY NOW            Top Mount  $40  BUY NOW

Side Mount Top Mount

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