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LED lights for cruising boats, RVs, Cabins

LEDs are advancing rapidly.  Although they have always been very energy efficient, the earlier ones  were blueish-colored, not very bright, and not very long-lived (see our Yard Sale section).  Fortunately, the newer ones have overcome those problems.  They are now available in just about any form to replace nearly any light bulb, and the prices are coming down.   Because we (at least try) to keep up with what’s happening in LEDs and represent several companies that make LED lights, we can probably recommend the best product for your application.  Call us for suggestions.   Following are some of the companies we represent, in no particular order:

Stecktronics – Reynold Steckley in Marathon, FL, has been building extremely reliable, bright, and energy efficient bulb replacements and assemblies for years now.  He builds LED clusters that replace incandescent bulbs, optionally assembles them into housings, and now has navigation light assemblies.  His latest offering are USCG approved anchor and tri-color lights.  The tri-color/anchor is available with an innovative feature:  The anchor and tri-color can both operate off of two wires, and you choose between anchor and tri-color by turning the switch on and off (no additional switching required).  Also, the anchor light can be made to “strobe” by a sequence of switching.   He makes  an anchorlight assembly for $66, the best value on the market, and it fits the same mounting holes as the Aqua Signal.

Orca Green Marine – One of the first on the market with USCG approved navigation light assemblies.  Extremely waterproof and bright.

Dr LED – Chinese-made bulb replacements (and now some housing assemblies) for nearly any housing, interior or navigation light.  Simply remove the old bulb and install the LED cluster:  plug-and-play.  The anchor light bulb replacement ($46) has been the most popular and is the most cost effective LED replacement you can get.  It is USCG approved when used in an Aqua Signal series 40 housing.  Latest offerings are an LED deck light (the “Kevin”) and a very stylish chart light.  New: the only bulb replacement for small stainless domed nav lights used on small boats.

Marine Beam – The first company to offer a replacement LED cluster for small recessed dome lights.  Warm colors, very energy efficient and reliable.  At $10 their Davis Megalight bulb replacement is a best value and is more energy efficient and brighter than the original.

Bebi –   Former cruisers now living in Fiji build these basic bulb replacements.  A wide variety of products, all with a lifetime warranty.  One of the most energy efficient product choices available and comes with a dual circuit driver that increases reliability.  Hand-made and sometimes requires additional handiwork to install.  Check out their Fautasi fluorescent light relacement and Beka cockpit light.

Sailor’s Solutions (makers of the SensiBulb) – Technically one of the most advanced bulb replacements, with precise energy and heat control (needed for the newer SMT LEDs). Made in the USA.   Innovative mounting system allows it to be used in a reading light or dome light.  Bright and warm, you can’t tell there is an LED in the fixture. See the Sensibulb here.


Sensibulb LED Lights

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Sensibulb: Incandescent Warmth, LED  Economics

After sunset your house batteries get quite a workout. Unless you’re plugged into a dock, most of us become genuine cheapskates with the cabin lighting. After all, interior lighting causes a constant drain on your batteries, and they can get dangerously hot. A good skipper can’t help but be aware that his batteries are being used up literally before his eyes!

Sailor’s Solutions Sensibulb™ LED Lights are very easy on your batteries. In fact, these little units use about six to eight times fewer amp-hours than Halogens and Xenons and they don’t throw off all that uncomfortable heat.

Sailor’s Solutions believes that Halogen lighting is just plain dangerous and should be considered a fire hazard.

Up to now, if you wanted to use LEDs and enjoy the energy savings and low heat, you had to put up with lighting that just wasn’t bright enough and had a harsh blue tint. Overhead or dome lighting was impossible and reading under a narrow “spot” was a challenge.

The crew at Sailor’s Solutions set out to solve the technical challenges involved with making a 12-Volt DC light bulb replacement with the beneficial low energy usage of LEDs. It would need to produce light just as bright and dispersed as a real light bulb and function equally well in overhead or dome applications.

Sailor’s Solutions threw in dimmable too because it’s just such a luxury to be able to dim down a fixture when you want to.

With the help of several talented engineers and thermal engineering assistance from NASA’s SATOP program, the Sensibulb™ LED Lighting System was perfected. Featuring abundant soft white light in a dispersed pattern with very efficient energy usage, Sensibulb™ is a direct replacement for all of your 12VDC interior lightbulbs.

But that’s not all! Each Sensibulb has a dimmer circuit (optional) that allows you to tune in just the right amount of light for a comfortable dining or entertaining experience.

So turn on the cabin lights and adjust them as you prefer. Have a pleasant evening onboard and don’t worry about the batteries!

Sensibulb™ Specification:

  • Size: 1.00″ x 1.00″ x 5/8″
  • Weight: 0.3 oz (20g)
  • Typical Current Usage: 0.16 Amps(warm) – 0.2 Amps(cold)
  • Voltage Range: 10-32 Volts DC
  • Typical Operating Temperature: 140° F
  • Ultra Violet Emissions: 0.00
SEN10W, Sensibulb LED Light  The Next Generation in LED cabin Lighting, Great for overhead lighting and all other cabin lighting applications! If you can change a lightbulb you can install a Sensibulb!
$34.95  BUY NOW

Bebi Cabin Lights

About Bebi

Owl Cockpit/”anchor” light (not USCG approved)  15LEDs  $32.50            MORE INFO     BUY NOW






Rinirino Reading Light  G4 base, halogen replacement, 12 LEDs   $32.50   MORE INFO    BUY NOW






Kalokalo Reading Light  G4 base, Halogen replacement,15 LEDs$32.50      MORE INFO    BUY NOW 



Michael at Bebi in Fiji writes: “Electrically, we use an integral linear current regulator to provide maximum light intensity without negatively impacting the life of the LED’s. We have had a light on ‘Shangri-La’ in continuous test for over 18 months without any sign of deterioration or discoloration in the lenses. It has been repeatedly subject to system voltages greater than 15 volts and as low as 11.5. The light has been subjected to tropical storms and the harsh radiation of the tropical sun.”


OGM LED Navigation and Anchor Lights – Now part of Misea Group
OGM LED Running Lights
Introducing a complete line of Coast Guard approved, low power, rugged LED navigation lighting for power and sail boats up to 50 meters (165 ft) in length. An included mounting bracket is provided for the red or green navigation lights; no bracket is required for the stern light.

OGM has re-engineered its LED navigation lights to include waterproof connectors. This is of tremendous value to trailer-sailors who must disconnect cabling to their masthead and anchor lights every time they trailer their boat. It is also important to northern sailors who haul out each winter.

It is less important to southern sailors who rarely de-step their mast, but the waterproof connector prevents condensation in the fixture and wiring.

LED Port (Red) Running Light
LED Port Running (red) Light for sail and power boats up to 164 ft. Low power, Rugged, Waterproof, Long Life. Built for the military, but available at a reasonable price for any mariner.
$189.00  BUY NOW

Running Light

LED Starboard Running (green) Light for power and sail boats up to 164ft Low power, rugged, waterproof, long life.
$189.00   BUY NOW

Stern Light

LED white stern light for power and sail boats up to 164ft Low power, rugged, waterproof, long life.
$224.00   BUY NOW

OGM LX LED Anchor Light

Orca Green Marine’s LX series uses the latest Luxeon LED technology available. A newly designed power regulation circuit allows OGM’s lights to operate from 8V to 36 V DC. Therefore, the LX series can be used on 12V, 24V, or 36VDC battery systems.

The OGM anchor light requires only one Luxeon LED! An optional photocell automatically turns on at dusk, off at daylight, allowing you to leave your boat at anchor for days. The low power draw can be replenished during the day with a small solar panel to charge your boat’s battery bank.

OGM LX series LED Anchor Light Specifications

Voltage Range: 8V to 36V D.C.

Anchor Light

Power Consumption: 3 Watts (0.25 Amp at 12V)
Waterproofness: 6+ feet saltwater, 1+ hours
Auto on/off: optional
Material: Delrin, cast acrylic
LED: one Luxeon white – true 50,000+ Hours, 62 Lumens
Hookup: 4 feet marine-grade 2-conductor, 20-gauge wire
Dimensions: 2.5 inches high, 2.7 inches diameter

OGM LXA Series LED Anchor Light $249.00 BUY NOW
OGM LXA-P Series LED Anchor Light 
(with photocell on/off) $259.00   BUY NOW

OGM LXTA TriColor/Anchor $439.00  BUY NOW

OGM LXTA-P TriColor/Anchor
(with photocell on/off) $439.00  BUY NOW
OGM LXTA-S TriColor/Anchor with Strobe $439.00  BUY NOW
OGM LXTA-SP TriColor/Anchor with Strobe and
(with photocell on/off) $449.00  BUY NOW
Mounting of OGM mast lights is simple with three 6-32 screw inserts in the base. Choose between two optional stainless steel mounting brackets available: one for the flat top of the mast, the other L-shaped for side-mount.

Rotary switch for OGM Tricolor/anchor – allows you to use two wires up the mast to operate anchor or tri-color, by changing the polarity of the wires.  $40  BUY NOW

Rotary Switch

Toggle switch for OGM Tricolor/anchor – allows you to use two wires up the mast to operate either the anchor or tri-color.  Install a new tri-color/anchor combination to replace your old anchor light without rewiring the mast.  $7  BUY NOW

Toggle Switch

OGM LX Mounting Bracket

Side Mount $40.00  BUY NOW            Top Mount  $40  BUY NOW

Side Mount Top Mount
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