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Aurinco Solar


Thin, Walk-On Solar for your Boat

• Efficient – monocrystalline silicon provides twice the power of thin film panels

• Ultrathin – All models are only 3/16″ (4.5 mm) thick

• Light-weight – ideal for racing, or for mounting on a bimini, dodger or other light structure

• Flat front – there is NOTHING protruding from the surface that can catch sheets, sails or your feet

• Snug-fit back – wires are recessed and protected in grooves, either mounted hidden through tiny holes to interior or without holes on top

• Rugged – sealed with a durable UV-resistant surface, salt water proof to IP67

• Step-on – you can step on the textured surface and add optional anti-skid strips

• Mount on curved surface – the narrow Bluewater modules are slightly flexible and can be installed to follow a curved cabin roof or deck

• Temporary use at anchor – mount on boom with bungee cords, then store under bunk or cushion while underway

• Partial shade resistance – an array of modules is less sensitive to major power loss from boom, mast and sail shadow than a large single panel

• Beautiful not an eyesore on the boat you are so proud of


It is very beneficial to reduce the load on your batteries (for example, by using LED reading lights, LED anchor lights, and other led lights for cruising sailboats…)  in order to reduce the watts of solar panels necessary to recharge your batteries.  


Mounting Solar on your Boat

Solar power is a natural fit for many boat applications, from small to large.  A trailerable boat can use a small solar module like the Solarland 5, an aluminum frame, glass top small panel, $18. Or the Powerfilm 21 watt “rollable”, which can be tied or bungee cord attached to the mainsail

Flexible solar

Flexible solar

cover, and then stowed under a bunk or cushion, or rolled up into a cylinder for storage (see website: http://www.powerfilmsolar.com/products/?r21__21_watt_rollable_solar_panel&show=product&productID=271517&productCategoryIDs=6578,6580 ). Or the lightweight , thin Aurino Bluewater 12 watt solar module that can be glued down and walked on.  Any of these will keep the battery charged, and prevent sulfation, so the next time you use the boat, the battery will be ready. Installing enough solar power to run a typical cruising sailboat is a little more challenging, but we’ve been doing this since 1998, and have a few solutions.  High and aft is best, with the least shading in that area.  Boats with davits can mount solar modules on top.  An arch is ideal, but anywhere aft of and at about the same height as the boom gets the solar modules up into “clear air”.  If you have davits, they too can be used to mount the panels high and aft.  Our Triangle Mount gets the panel(s) up to the height of the bimini (so it does not cause shading), and allows the use of a stern boarding ladder.  Also, an adjustable support arm (pictured in the foreground) can be used and the panel angle adjusted.

Hotwire's Triangle mount

Hotwire’s Triangle mount

If you will have two poles, one for radar and another for a wing generator, you could use the “Goalpost” mount.  Note the two lateral supports that triangulate the aft portion of the panel.  These could be adjustable support arms, allowing adjustment of the angle.



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Through Canvas Hardware

If the boom does not extend all the way over the bimini, and the bimini frame is strong, Solar panels can be mounted there, either with through canvas hardware or by placing additional one inch stainless bows above the canvas.  We have plastic backed 100 watt panels, 5 pounds and 3/16 inch thick  that are good candidates for bimini tops   Rail mount.  Put a one inch stainless tube between stanchions Deck mount.  Walk on them.  Aurinco solar panels.  Made in a number of sizes and shapes, to fit whatever space you have. Hardware.

Solar over Bimini on Frame

Solar over Bimini on Frame


Rail Mount Kit

Rail Mount Kit


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