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LED lights for cruising boats, RVs, Cabins

LEDs are advancing rapidly.  Although they have always been very energy efficient, the earlier ones  were blueish-colored, not very bright, and not very long-lived (see our Yard Sale section).  Fortunately, the newer ones have overcome those problems.  They are now available in just about any form to replace nearly any light bulb, and the prices are coming down.   Because we (at least try) to keep up with what’s happening in LEDs and represent several companies that make LED lights, we can probably recommend the best product for your application.  Call us for suggestions.   Following are some of the companies we represent, in no particular order:

Stecktronics – Reynold Steckley in Marathon, FL, has been building extremely reliable, bright, and energy efficient bulb replacements and assemblies for years now.  He builds LED clusters that replace incandescent bulbs, optionally assembles them into housings, and now has navigation light assemblies.  His latest offering are USCG approved anchor and tri-color lights.  The tri-color/anchor is available with an innovative feature:  The anchor and tri-color can both operate off of two wires, and you choose between anchor and tri-color by turning the switch on and off (no additional switching required).  Also, the anchor light can be made to “strobe” by a sequence of switching.   He makes  an anchorlight assembly for $66, the best value on the market, and it fits the same mounting holes as the Aqua Signal.

Orca Green Marine – One of the first on the market with USCG approved navigation light assemblies.  Extremely waterproof and bright.

Dr LED – Chinese-made bulb replacements (and now some housing assemblies) for nearly any housing, interior or navigation light.  Simply remove the old bulb and install the LED cluster:  plug-and-play.  The anchor light bulb replacement ($46) has been the most popular and is the most cost effective LED replacement you can get.  It is USCG approved when used in an Aqua Signal series 40 housing.  Latest offerings are an LED deck light (the “Kevin”) and a very stylish chart light.  New: the only bulb replacement for small stainless domed nav lights used on small boats.

Marine Beam – The first company to offer a replacement LED cluster for small recessed dome lights.  Warm colors, very energy efficient and reliable.  At $10 their Davis Megalight bulb replacement is a best value and is more energy efficient and brighter than the original.

Bebi –   Former cruisers now living in Fiji build these basic bulb replacements.  A wide variety of products, all with a lifetime warranty.  One of the most energy efficient product choices available and comes with a dual circuit driver that increases reliability.  Hand-made and sometimes requires additional handiwork to install.  Check out their Fautasi fluorescent light relacement and Beka cockpit light.

Sailor’s Solutions (makers of the SensiBulb) – Technically one of the most advanced bulb replacements, with precise energy and heat control (needed for the newer SMT LEDs). Made in the USA.   Innovative mounting system allows it to be used in a reading light or dome light.  Bright and warm, you can’t tell there is an LED in the fixture. See the Sensibulb here.

Coast Guard Certified Tri-color and Anchor Lights

The products on this page are U.S. Coast Guard certified.

 (For less expensive navigation lights, please click here [once we get the page built] for non-USCG certified lights.)


Stecktronics Tri-Color and Anchor Lights

This new Stecktronics product is manufactured in the Florida Keys. All parts are precision cut on

LED tricolor, LED masyhead, LED anchor/tricolor, led nav light

Tri 40

an automated CNC router. The case material is marine grade polymer and the lens is 1/8″ polycarbonate. All fasteners are marine grade stainless and its watertight integrity is accomplished with 13 mechanically compressed O-rings and a waterproof cable grip.  Incredibly low current draw, only 100ma (0.1 amps) in the lower anchor light section. Current draw for the upper tri-light section is just 185ma (0.18 amps). This is approximately 1/10th the current draw of a traditional incandescent fixture.

One great feature of this light is that any part of it can be replaced, and that includes any of the LED wafers or control boards. In the unlikely event something goes wrong, Stecktronics believes that it is very important that their lights can be fixed, as opposed to a light that is a sealed unit.

Two-Wire vs Three-Wire:
If you already have three wires running up the mast and have separate switches for navigation and anchor lights, then a three-wire system will work for you.

If you only have two wires running up the mast and have an existing anchor light switch; then a two-wire system is what you need. An exclusive Stecktronics micro-controller will remember how many times you turned your existing anchor light switch on and off and turn on either the anchor light or the tri-color light. All this with no extra wiring. Your existing switch will do it all! Full switch count features and instructions are available in the documentation listed below.

Three Wire Version Tri-color/Anchor  DATA  $395    BUY NOW

Quick Reference Guide for the Three-Wire model

Two Wire Tri-color/Anchor  DATA   $419    BUY NOW

Quick Reference Guide for the Two-Wire model

Three Wire System Without Auto On/Off and Flashing Features

DATA   $355    BUY NOW


100ma (0.1amp) draw for lower anchor light
185ma (0.18amp) draw for the tri-light
Operating voltage range 11.6 thru 16 volts
Measurements and Fittings
3-1/4″ Diameter x 8-7/8″ High (on a 1-1/2″ stem) (also available with Low Profile Base, no stem)
Custom stem heights up to 12″ available
Fits mounting bolt pattern of Aquasignal? Series 40 Tri-Color and Anchor lights


USCG Certified! Manufactured entirely in Marathon, Florida. This is one tough long-lasting light. Add a control wafer for On-At-Dusk–Off-At-Dawn control.

STM 4000 Stem Base

STM 4000 Stem Base


STM 4000 Low Profile

STM 4000 Low Profile

LED Anchor Light with On-At-Dusk – Off-At-Dawn Control Wafer  $160    BUY NOW

Basic LED Anchor Light Without the Control Wafer   $120   BUY NOW

100ma (0.1amp) draw
Operating voltage range 11.6 thru 16 volts
Measurements and Fittings
3-1/4″ Diameter x 4-5/8″ High (on a 1-1/2″ stem) (also available on low profile base, no stem)
Custom stem heights up to 12″ available ($6.00 )
Fits mounting bolt pattern of Aquasignal? Series 40 Tri-Color and Anchor lights
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