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Wind and Solar (and more)


Wind and Solar

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John and Libbie are Florida Gulf Coast alternative energy pioneers, first using wind and solar for cruising sailboats power on their boat s/v Hotwire, then RV, and home, now offering their expertise and experience to others since 1998.

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Replacements for the Renogy lightweight panels are in.  Better quality, same price.  43 1/4 X 22 3/8 inches, 4.3 lb, 100 watts SunPower cells, $230.  Free shipping.  Also: Renogy has recalled their panels.  See:   Also, see my post:



12 volt cablin fan, boat fan, 12 volt fan,
Port Fan in Port


battery system monitor, system moniotor, battery monitor, boat battery monitor
Trimetric RV2030




Wind Generators   Solar Panels  Incentives   Charge Controllers   LEDs  Port Fan We have more than I can put on the page right now.  Please call with what you need.  We have access to just about anything related to energy onboard, especially wind and solar (RVs and cabins too!), frequently at prices significantly below big box and on-line stores. 

Hotwire’s Port Fan                 NOA Teak Seat            NOA Lagun Table Bracket                                                            Engel Refrigerators

Trimetric Battery System Monitor

KISS Wind Generator

How to Overhaul a KISS: Photos with instructions

Video: How To Balance KISS Blades

cockpit table
Lagun Installed in Cockpit

Video: KISS magnets twist

camper table, FWC table
Lagun installed in RV






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5 watts solar cheap
5 watts $18!


Aurinco shade tolerant installation
You Can Walk On It!







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