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If you’re just beginning research on battery charging with Renewable Energy, this link will guide you through the thought process to decide if you need wind power or solar power or both or neither….

KISS High Output wind generator
KISS system components can be found near the bottom of the KISS page
KISS Wind Generator FAQ
Diversion Load FAQ

How to rebuild a KISS wind generator

Solar panels come in many shapes & sizes & designs.  Hotwire focuses on the ones that are best-suited for installation on boats and RVs.

– Some are designed to be installed on the deck or a hardtop and can be walked on, though scratches and reduced output will result.  

– Some produce power not only from the top surface but also from light reflected underneath, which makes them great above dinghy davits.

–  Kaneka (Japanese) solar panels can gather more energy in low light conditions, but need more surface area than most boats can supply.

– Renogy; Good quality Chinese panels

– Semi-flexable; light weight, typically less than 1/4 inch thick, able to conform to some curvature. Shorter warranty than rigid panels and shorter life.

Hotwire Enterprises carries these solar panels and MANY OTHERS. Please contact us for information on other brands and uses.

Mounting Solar on Your Boat
FAQ for solar
Solar charge controllers

TriMetric Battery System Monitor

Atkinson Photo-Voltaic Wind Display and Shunt Module Kit

Leak Alert electronic water detector

Port Fan

Lagun cockpit table hardware kit

Engel refrigerators/freezers

Wonder Wash and centrifugal Spin Dryer

LEDs w/ links to the following:
Navigation lights
Cabin lights
Cockpit lights

Sun Oven

Books & Media

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