Hotwire Enterprises

John and Libbie were almost four years in the Caribbean aboard Hotwire, a 36 foot Bruce Roberts design sailboat. Meeting Doug Billings (designer and builder of the KISS wind generator) in Trinidad in early 1998, they sailed home in time for the 1998 Annapolis boat show to become rich selling wind generators (didn’t happen).

At this point, we are in the process of “retiring”. I’m too old to be standing on my head inside a locker in the Florida heat. However, we still have quite a bit of left over inventory for sale (at substantially reduced prices), still have our vendors and access to equipment, and I am still providing parts and service for the KISS wind generator, building Port Fans, and other energy related stuff.

Our website is a mess, and so I have started this new one and will be adding content (as I can figure out how).

KISS wind generator info

How to Rebuild the KISS Wind Generator

Charge Controllers

Sensibulb Sale price $12.50 0.016 amp draw. Made in the USA

New, old stock.