Port Fan

Based on a computer fan popular with “overclockers”, it is a compromise with being the quietest, most powerful, longest lasting fan of its size. Specs: 0.5 amps (on high), 70.000 hour motor, 39 Db.

A Port Fan mounted in a port in a compartment. Mounting two fans on opposite sides can force cool air though. Note the universal bracket on the left. It also has soft Velcro on the top, and comes with the “hook” with adhesive, so the fan can be mounted in other places (like a hatch). Bringing cooler air in from outside makes more sense than moving warm air around. Note the universal bracket in the background.

If you have a Hela fan (5,000 hour motor compared to 70,000 hour Port Fan), you can use the bracket with the Port Fan, normally $75 Call for discount on fan without universal bracket.

The Port Fan can be mounted on the dash of an othe the road truck, sleeping compartment of an RV, on the bulkhead, in a port, in a hatch, on a table, in the cockpit…

From S/V Flying Pig: I just want to say both that we have many Hotwire fans, all working perfectly and virtually silently, but, in particular, that you won’t find a vendor who’s better at customer service than John and Libbie.

John (727) 943-0424

I also put together a small fan and bracket that can be used in the refrigerator/freezer. The “Freezer Fan” Comes with velcro mount, 0.015 amps. 1 1/2 inches square base. $12