Renewable Energy for RVs

Solar and Wind Power for RV Owners
Hotwire specializes in solar and wind power/alternative energy for RVs.  We also have the Lagun table bracket, a high quality secure table that does not flop around like the ones commonly found in RVs.  Like cruising sailboat, RVs that dry camp need to be concerned with energy useage, and we have LED lights, LED replacement light “bulbs”, energy efficient refrigeration, and access to battery chargers, combiners, controllers, and just about anything that relates to 12 volt charging or use.

How do you use your RV?

Occasionally, but mostly parked.

Then you need a small solar panel to keep the battery from going dead. A small panel can keep the batteries on the RV charged, making them last much longer.

Mostly stopping in RV parks.

No solar needed, just plug in. If you sometimes “dry camp” then you might consider more battery capacity if you find yourself running out of power.

Dry camping.

Depending on your electrical budget, you probably need a couple hundred watts of solar to keep up, if you have propane refrigeration and stove. You can estimate your usage by filling out our energy budget form: (link to form). Sorry, it would be difficult to put enough solar panels on the roof to run air conditioning. If you will be camping in the Southwest or Northern US, a wind generator might be practical, but in the SE US, there isn’t enough strong consistent wind to make it worthwhile.